Anco Oceans Fish Treats

Sourced and dried within the EU, with full traceability, our Oceans range allows dogs to enjoy all the health benefits of fish. Naturally rich in omega 3 and 6 promoting healthy skin, coat, joints and cognitive function, these tasty treats are gently air-dried for the perfect crunch to help remove tartar and aid dental health.

The Anco Oceans range includes:-
* Salmon & Cod Fingers – also available in a 2kg eco-friendly bulk box
* Cod Skin Roll
* Salmon Skins
* Dried Herring
* Dried Sprats
* Fish Skin Twists
* Fish Skin Cubes
* Salmon Skin Cubes
* Salmon Skin & Seaweed Twists

We also have 100% Fish training treats in our Trainers range too, so there is something for everyone.

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