Anco Roots

What are Anco Roots? Anco Roots are tree roots that do not splinter, are eco friendly and act as a natural toothbrush, but they are perhaps best known for being an excellent choice for teething puppies and dogs that like to chew, sparing fingers and furniture whilst providing chewing relief to your dog! 

Anco Roots are hand harvested to ensure there is no damage to the tree – only the tuber is harvested which then sprouts again. Harvesting is limited to a responsible number each year ensuring sustainability.

Durable and long lasting, they will not splinter like sticks, making them a perfect natural toy for dogs that love to chew. 

100% untreated they are completely chemical free (like all Anco dog treats) and are naturally rich in minerals and vitamins. 

A natural toothbrush, they help to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth. 

Less than 1% fat, they can help dogs with pancreatitis, allergies or weight issues satisfy the urge to chew.

Anco Roots come in a number of sizes so are suitable for all breeds of dogs, including puppies.
Available sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL. Please ensure you choose the right size for your dogs bite.

As a general guide:-

XS is suitable for most puppies and toy breed dogs (Chihuahua etc)

S is suitable for small breed dogs (Terriers etc)

M is suitable for medium breed dogs (Spaniels etc)

L is suitable for large breed dogs (Labrador etc)

XL is suitable for very large breed dogs (Newfoundland etc)

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